Wait, so what is this?

.movtogether is an industry movement. A community platform. A creative exchange. 

Launching in 2021, we’re inviting agencies, brands, and creators across disciplines, backgrounds, and skill levels to mentor young and underrepresented talent, seek inspiration, support other artists, and share their knowledge to create a new, positive way forward in the industry. 

As we mentor, create videos, host workshops, and raise money, we’ll open up new paths for the next generation of designers, animators, filmmakers, and artists to succeed and make a real impact in the world around them– from combating misinformation to supporting social justice. 

Out of this effort, we’ll also be building an immersive network for all those involved to share resources, opportunities, and information critical to success.

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Why now?

Have you seen the world lately? As we begin to make our way out of an unprecedented period of isolation, confusion, and uncertainty – we, as creatives, need to come together and step up to the challenge.

By combining the power of a mentorship program, an education platform, and a creative advocacy campaign, .movtogether plans on making a difference in the lives of creatives everywhere by providing the kind of opportunities and connections previously only available to a small subset of designers.

Let’s use art as a force to give back, show our gratitude, and make connections with the next generation of creative changemakers. Getting involved is just the beginning.

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What’s the impact?

.movtogether’s impact will start small and build. We’ll begin by launching our pilot semester of .mp4, a four-part Mentorship Program connecting 25 design/animation students with top brands and agencies across the country. They’ll participate in piloting a six-month, virtual career-building bootcamp that ends with a paid job opportunity.

As part of this program, we’ll also be developing an extrenal workshop curriculum in collaboration Cal Arts, Pratt Institute, SCAD, and other soon-too-be-announced creative institutions across the country, launching this summer.

Finally, phase three of our mission will be initiating a series of social video campaigns, contests, and creative challenges to inspire, activate, educate, and engage the public around our mission and initiative.

Eventually, awards, fundraisers, events, and scholarships will begin to make that impact even more real – strengthening our relationships and growing new roots as we emerge from this stronger, more diverse, and more supported than ever. 

Your impact as a creator or organization can be as big or as small as you want it to be. Whether you’d like to join our mentorship program, donate money, teach/attend a workshop, or simply join the community, all are welcome.

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I’m an agency. How can I get involved?

Send us an email at connect@movtogether.com. We’ll be in touch with an intro presentation and more information about each of our initiatives.

From there, we’ll work together to figure out the best way for you to get involved, from hosting a workshop to joining a committee. No impact or company is too small.

A few things we need help with right now:

– MP4 partnerships
– Workshop sign-ups
– Donations
– Creative assets (i.e. music, typography, software etc.)
– Judging & festival help
– Art/Merch submissions
– PR/Copywriting
– Social media
– Production

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I’m not an agency. What’s in it for me?

Mentorships. Job opportunities. Professional development. Awards and showcases. Creative connections.

For up-and-comers, this is a chance to access the education, recognition, and connections you deserve.

For industry veterans, this is a way to give back, learn new technologies, and explore what’s shaping the industry with the help of a new wave of young designers.

We also want to give everyone involved the ability to showcase their creativity on a massive platform. Every step of the way, we’ll use our channels to help amplify your work and impact, which will be viewed by a cross-sectional community many creatives wouldn’t otherwise get access to.

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I’m a charity. Can we link up?

Yes! Right now, we’re looking to engage a broad community of nonprofit collaborators, education institutions, and community partners to work with on upcoming events, fundraisers, and merch drives. 

To learn more, send us an email at connect@movtogether.com

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Tell me more about .mp4

.mp4 is .movtogether’s four-part mentorship program designed for students and young professionals from BIPOC/underrepresented backgrounds to jumpstart their careers with the training and support of top brands and agencies across the country.

The four parts include:

– One-on-one mentoring and creative coaching with an industry leader
– Job shadowing and hands-on learning with a high-profile project to build your portfolio
– Access to exclusive events designed to build and enhance your skills and industry connections
– A final PAID internship opportunity at the organization you’re paired with

In Spring 2021, we’ll be launching our pilot program with Cal Arts exclusively, pairing 25 young creators with 15-25 companies for a 6-month virtual engagement.

From there, we hope to loop in universities, high schools, students, and up-and-coming creators across the country to get involved, improve on our curriculum, and begin building a new pipeline for diverse, creative talent that will transform the industry from the ground up.

To learn more about the program, how to apply, and how you can get involved, download our PDF here.

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Tell me more about workshops

Once .mp4 is up and running, we’ll move on to the next part of our mission: To provide free design education, resources, and leadership to all.

Right now, we’re in talks with colleges, universities, and virtual educators across the country to jumpstart a core design/animation/creative curriculum that will help certify a new generation for careers and opportunities with our brand and agency partners.

Sound inspiring? We’re currently recruiting members for .movtogether’s Workshop Committee.

To get involved, contact us at connect@movtogether.com.

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Tell me more about .movtogether's upcoming campaign

When crafting our mission, we also wanted to make sure it was easy for people to get involved, even if you can’t sign up for our mentorship program or attend our workshops.

To that end, we’re planning a public call-to-action later this year for creators, studios, brands, and agencies to create a series of :60 videos on themes of diversity and inclusion, design as activism, and creative change-making.

Submitted under the #movtogether, these videos will not only help us drum up support for our organization, workshops, and recruit for our next .mp4 semester, but also place selected participants in a submission pool for upcoming festivals, awards, events, and scholarships.

To stay up-to-date about this upcoming campaign, follow us on Instagram or LinkedIn.

We’re also looking for agency, brand, and other creative partners to donate pre-licensed music, typography, software, and other creative assets to help support submission efforts.

If you’d like to help out on that front, or nominate someone to judge future submissions, please reach out to us at connect@movtogether.com.

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Are there any other ways to get involved?

Here’s a list of things we’re looking for right now:

– MP4 partners
–Workshop sign-ups
–Creative Assets
–Judging & festival help
–Art/Merch submissions
–Social Media

For more information, reach out to hello@movtogether.com.

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Who's running this? Do you need help?

.movtogether’s Steering Committee is made up of top creative directors, strategists, and creative changemakers at top nonprofits, brands, and agencies including Trailer Park, Mirada, ESPN, Trollbäck+Company, Compadre, Sibling Rivalry, BET, and Pipelines – a mobile app connecting underrepresented talent to job and training opportunities in tech, entertainment, and creative companies.

Our current education partners include Cal Arts, Pratt Institute, and the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Do we need help? YES. We’re currently in the midst of recruiting further volunteers and positions our Workshop, Social, Outreach, Merch, and Submission committees.

Want to get involved? Send us an email at connect@movtogether.com.

All disciplines, backgrounds, and experience levels welcome.

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Does this cost money?

For students, underrepresented talent, educators, and up-and-coming creators – absolutely not.

For brands and agencies who want to get involved with .mp4, we’re currently asking for a one-time, pay-what-you-can donation to help compile creative resources and provide continued support for current and future cohorts.

Future events, festivals, award shows, networking events, and fundraisers will also charge a small fee for brand/agency partners.

Note that .movtogether is a soon-to-be 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and all donations will be tax refundable.

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Where do you see .movtogether in one year? Five years? Ten years?

In one year, we hope to be launching our second cohort of .mp4 with a diverse group of brands, agencies, schools, and young creatives, while hosting free weekly sessions on our forthcoming workshop platform.

In five years, we hope to have laid the groundwork for a new generation of diverse, underrepresented creatives to begin flooding the industry – with the tangible goal of increasing the percentage of BIPOC designers at top brands and agencies in entertainment, advertising, and design to at least 5% by 2026.

In 10 years, we’d love to get that stat up to demographically representative levels — 13% or higher by 2031.

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How is .movtogether different from other industry initiatives out there?

For us, it all comes down to action. There are so many initiatives out there promising to integrate diversity and inclusion practices into the creative community, but very few efforts being made to actively cultivate that diversity from the ground up.

.movtogether isn’t just about awareness, or inclusion, or promises to do better. We’re about proactively connecting talent to jobs and opportunities that will move this industry forward. Today, tomorrow, and long into the future.

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