Whether you're an award-winning agency or up-and-coming creator, everyone can play their part.

Brands & Companies

Most great things in this industry begin with a dialogue. Right now, we’re reaching out to all of our closest friends in entertainment, design, and advertising with the first step in our path to progress:

To use our talents, networks, and experiences to actively engage a new generation of young, diverse, industry-changing creators.

In the spring of 2021, we’ll kick-start our mission by launching .mp4 – a pilot mentorship program pairing 25 designers at Cal Arts with brands and agencies across the country for a six-month, hands-on, virtual mentorship that ends with a paid job opportunity.

If successful, we plan to continue the program with even more companies and talent across skillsets and disciplines.

Want to get involved with our first semester? Send us an email at connect@movtogether.com

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Schools & Educators

Once .mp4 is up and running, we’ll turn our attention to the next phase of our mission:

To share our knowledge far and wide with design, animation, film, and other creative industry students across the country.

With the help of design schools, educators, and workshop partners of all backgrounds, we plan to launch a free, virtual workshop series by Summer 2021 that will address multidisciplinary approaches to finding creativity and success in entertainment, design, and advertising. And right now, we need as many partners as we can get to help make this vision a reality.

Want to teach a class, join our committee, or become an education partner? Reach out to connect@movtogether.com.

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Creators & Artists

Finally, once.mp4 is moving, workshops are up and running, and we're (hopefully) in a better place to meet up in person, we’ll launch phase three of our mission:

Opening up the creative community to be actively and more inclusive in everything we do.

This will begin with us initiating a cross-industry call-to-action for design/animation students and creatives this fall to submit short, :60 films celebrating themes of diversity & inclusion, design as activism, and creative change-making.

Videos will be reviewed by our all-star awards committee for awards, recognition, internships, scholarships, and more presented at the festival, forefronting BIPOC and underrepresented voices.

With more events, and more opportunities, we also plan to continue the .mov pledge to increase access, create more opportunities, and continue to engage to all who participate. The future is as big as we can make it.

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Students & Talent

Are you a student or young professional interested in building and pursuing a career in entertainment, advertising, and design? .movtogether is for you.

Right now, we’re looking for young creatives of all backgrounds, skillsets, and demographics to get involved in workshops, join our committees, and sign up for future semesters of the .mp4 mentorship program.

Whether you’re currently enrolled in design school or a recent graduate hoping to make your way in the industry, gain experience and make your voice heard by joining our initiative.

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